Product-Visual Sales Reporting.
See What's Driving Your Sales & Profitability.

Sales Optic betters the way sellers see, analyse and understand sales data. Through the integration of product imagery and sales information in real time, an intuitive interface of product images with sales information promotes collaboration and informed decision-making, driving action to achieve optimized sales and profit potential at a product level.

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Why choose Sales Optic?


A picture is worth a thousand words - gain meaningful product insights in real-time from your desktop or mobile, with sales information coupled with product imagery that is effortless to access, filter and view.


With product appearance being a major sales driving component, we should be analysing a product's physical attributes to inform merchandise decisions. Gain a higher level of product sales intelligence across your business, with collaborative visual reporting that is easy to run and share.


With frictionless, real-time product visual sales reporting, get your team reviewing and understanding product performance with the use of visuals to help increase sales and profitability performance, instead of spending their valuable time running reports and cutting and pasting product imagery.

Ditch The Spreadsheet, Focus On Product

View product images coupled with sales KPIs, and see why products are performing and holding you back. Filter to custom attributes in real time and make informed decisions on what you see to help increase sales, profitability and productivity.

Product-Knowledge Is Power,
and Easy To Share

Empower your stakeholders with visual product information of what is, and is not delivering results, to help inform actions needed to improve sell-through. Customized reports can be easily shared from your desktop or mobile device via email or link from within the application.

Actionable Feedback from the Frontline

Convert frontline product feedback into valuable data that can be analysed and reported on to better understand performance and inform product strategy. Users can provide feedback on product attributes with comments within the application that can be visually reported on.

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Get your business fluent in understanding what product is driving your business and why, and promote better decision-making that increases sales and profitability


Sales Optic is looking for partners that are passionate about better informing businesses on product performance and making business intelligence accessible and easy to use across at every level of organisations.


Become apart of the Sales Optic journey as we work towards providing simple, effective and frictionless product sales intellegence across retail and wholesale.

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